Thank you for your interest in the Law Offices of Allan Marain.

An opening presently exists for a part-time legal intern, hours flexible. The intern would become involved in a marketing campaign to give the law office a social media presence, primarily on YouTube.

We have and maintain various web sites. Those sites (in addition to this one) include,,,, and

We seek a part-time person to enhance these sites. Proficiency in English composition is a “must.” Knowledge of html, css, php, javascript, social media, and Spanish proficiency not required (but wouldn't hurt, either). Enhancements would include the following:
  • Translating web pages into Spanish (Google translate may be used);
  • Authoring new pages, and optimizing them for search engines.

Applicants are requested to send a short email to Attach, or provide links to, the following:
  • Current resumé, either in Word, Word Perfect, or .pdf format;
  • Recent writing sample;
  • Anything else that you would like us to know about you and your qualifications.

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