A cardiovascular case begins when the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission becomes aware that a driver has, or had, a cardiovascular condition. The Commission may then require information from that person. That information would include statements from the driver concerning his case history. It would also include all pertinent medical information from a physician.

The New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission has a Cardiovascular Committee. This committee is comprised of specialists in cardiovascular disorders. The Commission obtains guidance from this committee on whether the cardiovascular condition of drivers prevent them from driving safely.

The Commission may ask the Committee to review the materials submitted. Depending on the Committee's review, the driver may be required to be examined by a specialist in internal medicine or cardiology including x-ray and/or electrocardiogram.

The members of the Cardiovascular Committee report their findings and recommendations to the Motor Vehicle Commission. The Commission then determines whether the driver may be issued, or retain, a driver's license. The Commission can consider restoration of driving privileges after review times specified by the Commission have passed. Upon application for restoration, the case may be referred to the Cardiovascular Committee.

As a condition precedent to issuance, retention or restoration of driving privileges, NJ cdl lawyer lawyers for mvc and dmc commercial drivers license cardiovascular suspension noticethe driver must agree to submit periodic reports. The reports shall contain a statement of the individual's case history and a statement by the treating physician. The New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission determines the frequency of submission of these reports. The Commission can also require the driver to take and pass a driving test and examination.

Cardiovascular conditions, as they relate to a driver's ability to safely drive, are governed by Title 13, Chapter 19, Subchapter 4 of the New Jersey Administrative Code. All references on this page to drivers apply equally to driver applicants.

The Code gives the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission formidible resources and powers. At the same time, the Commission is required to use these resources, and exercise these powers, in a rational manner. The Law Offices of Allan Marain have successfully challenged Commission decisions that were arbitrary and capricious. They are available to review your situation. Call them.

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