There are fifty ways to lose your lover, but only two ways to lose your New Jersey driver's license. This site discusses one of those two ways.

You can lose your New Jersey driving privileges in either of two ways. The first way is for a judge to order that your driver's license be suspended. That judge can be a municipal court judge. It can also be a judge of the Superior Court of New Jersey, or even a federal judge. The second way is that the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission can order the driver's license suspension. The net effect is the same. But the ways of fighting the suspension are very different.

The New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission (“MVC”) is what is called an “administrative agency.” It is not a court. There is no judge and there is no jury. The Motor Vehicle Commission was formerly called the New Jersey Division of Motor vehicles (“DMV”). When the New Jersey MVC suspends your driver's license, that suspension is called an “administrative suspension.”

This site deals only with administrative suspensions. Pages on this site detail different situations that can cause the New Jersey MVC to issue an administrative suspension. This site also discusses some of the procedures involved. Finally it discusses the law offices and practice of New Jersey Driver's License Lawyer Allan Marain. Pages here also discuss how New Jersey Drivers License Lawyers™ can work to minimize the duration of or, in many cases, avoid completely, the horror that a suspension of your driver's license will bring.

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